TBEC LIG Biogas Project is TBEC first project in Laos PDR, located 47 Km away from Vientiane. This project is the cooperation between TBEC and Lao-Indochina Group (LIG), the largest starch manufacturer in Laos.

This project produces biogas from LIG wastewater with the capacity of 30,000 Nm3 of biogas per day and 270,000 Nm3 wastewater per year from production process. The biogas from this plant replaces the use of fuel oil. The project started operation in late 2012.
Address & Map
47KM 13 South Road, Nasone Village,
Pakngeum District,Vientiane Capital,Lao P.D.R.
Production Process

Degassing Tank

Anaerobic Pond

Lower House